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Flow pack wrapping machine for food

  • FAST 01

Rationality and synthesis of technology for high-performances applications

Designed and built for continuous use in automatic lines. Fully electronic packaging machine developed for high performance platform.

Equipped with:
  • - double pneumatic reel holder shaft
  • - automatic reel splicer
  • - longitudinal seal assembly with preheating device
  • - cross sealing head with double jaw
  • - friendly use HMI graphic software with provision for printer and up-stream/down-stream control interface.

Fast 01 CF - Simply accessible automation

Flow pack wrapping machine equipped with a 90° feeder suitable to be manually loaded or tobe integrated with the exit of the ADS system becoming full automatic. Fast is the best solution for: wafer packaging, covered bars.

FAST 01 E – Dedicate solution to achieve the best performance

High speed full servo-driven machine for packaging of products on edge. Equipped of a 90° bars feeder suitable to be manually loaded or to be integrated with the automatic slug forming feeding unit. Machine can be realized in two different working height, depending to the loading system. Fast is the best solution for: biscuits on the edge packaging.

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Fast is the best solution for: biscuits on the edge packaging, biscuits slug packaging, sandwich biscuits packaging, wafer biscuits packaging.

Product categories:

- Food: biscuits, chocolate, wafers, boxes and trays

Technical Specifications    FAST 01FAST 01 CFFAST 01 E
Maximun product's width
    mm 120 mm120 mm 100
Maximun product's height
    mm 60 mm 60 mm 100
Bag’s length (min/max)     mm 80/250 mm 50/250 mm 120/350
Maximum reel width
    mm 400 mm 400 mm 400
Max Speed
    p.p.m. 600 p.p.m. 250 p.p.m. 120
Wrapping materials
    heat & cold sealable materials 
Machine's weight     kg 1200 
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