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High performance flexibility and air-tightness


The innovative welding head guarantees airtight welding for packaging solutions, but also exceptional flexibility and productivity. This machine is intended for all those clients who do not want to compromise, and are looking for a packaging machine that manages to combine flexibility, high performances and air-tightness. Our exclusive D-CAM system allow to achieve high speeds with gas flushing for all those products which requires hermetic sealing packaging and gas flushing packaging such as croissant packaging, donuts packaging, muffin packaging, sponge cakes packaging.


Technical Specifications
Maximun product's width
mm 370
Maximun product's heigh
mm 180
Bag’s length (min/max) mm 80/600
Maximum reel width
mm75 0
Max Speed
p.p.m. 80
Wrapping materials
heat & cold sealable materials or polyethylene
Machine's weight kg 1900
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